Talk that talk?No, thanks.

Speaks my mind.
That’s why I don’t like superficial socializing. I find it very hard to make friends. I don’t really enjoy those nonsense jokes and laughs with newly met ones, but in reality people get close this way.

I want people who I can really speak to. To talk about dreams, to talk about emotions, to talk about life.
e.g. YLS love 🙂

Yet it’s an era of 認真你就輸了

Hence sadly I don’t particularly fit in



I hate small talk.
I wanna talk about important stuff. Shit which just might actually matter. I wanna talk about death. And life. I wanna talk about aliens and magic and vampires. And are werewolves real?I wanna talk about neutrons and protons and atoms and molecules. I wanna discuss the meaning of life and my role in this universe. I wanna talk about the faraway galaxies and the billions of stars. I wanna know what’s your poison,what music makes you wanna stand up and dance. And which songs make you wanna curl into a fatal ball and protect yourself from it all. I wanna talk about memories. I wanna know about the lies you have woven so effortlessly and your thoughts which come unbidden. Your flaws, your ticks, your happiness triggers, your favorite scents, food you love, genres you dig…I wanna know it all. I wanna know all about your…

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今年 坦白說其實沒多想 沒多顧忌就決定繼續走


想法簡單: 若有能力就盡力囉,不想太hypocritically插隊又攞彩




一直走 是不少的爭扎與反思

但若然 一切 「如政治般」是複雜的


simply a why not

今天 的的確確 是甚麼影響也做不了

明天 舞照跳 intern照返 車照搭

但至少 這是一個對政府的提醒

無論如何 仍然會有一場人銘記著 堅守著  哪怕有多大的力量

正如 寧嗚而死 不默而生


但更重要的 或許是一種堅持的態度 是一種表態


但若然no harm, then why not

至少 我做了點事 至少 I tried (即使我對前景一點也不樂觀)


知道上一上街絕對不夠,知道要有下一步,知道不要限自己於七一 走完就自我感覺良好

其實 做認為應做的 又有何不可呢?

正如更多的事 正如人生

就如SEALNet的service definition workshop我所conclude的

到最後all comes to cost and benefit


then why not?

有人說 這天是嘉年華 雜亂無章

( 但又不要大台 其實想點 -_____- )




也其實 這樣才叫正常嘛







I have never thought that 10 days can be that inspiring, that amazing. It is difficult to express how much gratitude I have for SEALNet, as it has opened my eyes and provoked my thoughts so much. When I think about the organizers, all  I want to say is Thank you a trillion times for everything.

I am fortunate to encounter such opportunity, along with all the other incredible opportunities that I barely deserve. And to get the most out of them, is perhaps to never stop my thoughts, never stop my brain from running, because one thing I have learnt from YLS15 is to allow yourself to inspire and be inspired.Inspiration is key to personal growth, which is one of my current life goals. People encounter. Ideas click and clash. Ideas are everywhere, but whether to grasp them and develop them is our choice. So, even I am not confident in myself for staying mind-active, why not give it a go?

So here it is, to discover and explore, to think and rethink, to love and experience, the growing bubble, the eye-opening world, that I, that we, live in.